bayside clinician profile

Asha Ramchandran, MD

BA, Adarsh Vidyalaya College
MD, Kilpauk Medical College
Peds Residency, White Memorial Hospital
Board Certified, Pediatrics

Livermore Pleasanton

I was born in Madras, India, and grew up in the setting of an extended family-uncles, cousins etc., all in the same house. I think that this experience may be why I think families are so wonderful and so important. In this setting, I remember fondly learning to play Indian classical music on the violin, and spending summer vacations reading and staging plays with friends.

My fascination with life science began in high school, when I was introduced to the evolution of all our worldly species from a single cell. I decided to become a doctor. In time, I graduated from Kilpauk Medical College, Madras University, with honors. My best subjects were physiology, which explains how the body functions, and pathology, which is physiology gone wrong. I almost became a pathologist, but when I considered life beyond the microscope without people to interact with, I just could not do it. Then, as I rotated through the pediatrics ward in the final year of medical school, I realized the enormous impact even simple preventive measures had on the lives of children. I had found my calling- I always loved children, medicine gave me the opportunity to think scientifically, so I would be a pediatrician.

I did my pediatric residency at the Child’s Trust Hospital in Madras, a premier children’s hospital in India. Here I was exposed to a wide variety of illnesses in newborns and older children. After my residency I worked for two years in the department of neonatology, watching tiny babies surviving despite great odds against them. I also did research at this time, publishing seven scientific papers, and volunteered my services at free clinics for poor families.

During this time my future husband was working at Silicon Valley. When I moved to California, in order to qualify for a medical license, I took another full pediatric residency at White Memorial Hospital in Los Angeles, and then became Board Certified in pediatrics. Through my experience at White Memorial, I can now speak passable Spanish. I also speak German, Hindi and many other Indian languages.

I joined Bayside Medical Group in October, 1998. I have immensely enjoyed working with my colleagues here, and especially doing well baby care. I see myself as being in a partnership with parents in caring for their children.

I enjoy reading, listening to music, and spending time with my family.