bayside clinician profile

Cynthia A. Quan, MD

BS, Johns Hopkins University
MD, Johns Hopkins University
Peds Residency, Children's Hospital, Los Angeles
Board Certified, Pediatrics

Pleasanton San Ramon

I am originally from Edison, N.J., the town that had the first electrically lit street in the world, since it is right near the famous inventors laboratory. Like him I was always fascinated by technology, but for me, it was the technology of the body -- the way our eyes transform images to our brains, the way our bodies digest food, and the way our muscles and brains coordinate our every move. So when I left Edison to go to Johns Hopkins University, I intended to study biomedical engineering, and I hoped to invent the first artificial heart.

Perhaps not like Edison, however, I found that I really didn't want to be an engineer, because I wanted to work with people, so I chose a career in medicine. I was lucky enough to be admitted to Johns Hopkins Medical School. Then I found that I delighted in being with children. I spent hours just watching them or playing with them as a Sunday school teacher. Even after working a 16-hour shift as a nurse's aide, I did not want to part with the newborns or children in the ward, these precious little people with their own unique personalities. I just had to become a pediatrician.

My brother was the first family member in California, and I visited him frequently in Silicon Valley. I loved California, and I was lucky enough to be chosen for a wonderful pediatric training program at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. After three years there I moved to the Bay Area to be closer to my family. Just before joining Bayside, I spent two years practicing pediatrics in Sunnyvale, Monterey, and here in the Tri-Valley area.

I love snowboarding, golfing, traveling, and teaching and playing with children at Sunday school. I am very active with my church and have volunteered at clinics in Uganda, Nigeria, and Mexico. Through these experiences I have come to understand the terrible needs of the Third World, and I have learned a great deal about African and Mexican culture. As a deeply religious person, I have also increased my faith in God through these experiences. It was such a fulfilling experience for me to serve others, especially since so little of my time seemed to mean so much to them. I hope that I will have the chance to practice medicine overseas again in the future.

Despite the excitement of serving abroad, my main work and devotion will remain here at home. As a Board Certified pediatrician, I look forward to sharing your excitement in the birth of your children, the first teeth, the first steps, the wins in sports, and college decisions. Stressful, sleep-deprived times will come when your child is sick, and I want to help you through these difficult times, to reassure you, to guide you, and to answer your questions. It will be an honor for me to be part of your childs growth and development, and for me to be your child's pediatrician.