bayside clinician profile

Debra Weiss-Ishai, MD

BA, UC Davis
MD, Sackler School of Medicine
Peds Residency, University of Maryland Hospital for Children
Board Certified, Pediatrics

Pleasanton Walnut Creek

When I was in elementary school I first told my family that when I grew up I wanted to be a doctor. That idea faded for a while and other career paths seemed more interesting, like being an astronaut or a U.S. Senator. But when I took my first class in Anatomy & Physiology in high school, I was hooked and steered my life toward becoming a doctor.

I attended U.C. Davis as an undergrad, majoring in biological sciences and political science (just in case I still wanted to pursue that Senator dream). After graduation, prior to medical school, I worked as an elementary school teacher, a job I found to be very challenging and demanding. It gave me a newfound respect for all of our wonderful teachers out there. Then I attended Sackler School of Medicine and went on to do my pediatric specialty training at the University of Maryland Hospital for Children. Despite the hard work, I loved my residency—I was part of a group of people who provided such a high level of academic and collaborative medicine. I loved learning about disease processes and ways to heal children or prevent illness in the first place. After residency, I returned to California to be near my family. I became Board Certified as a pediatrician, and worked as a hospitalist, taking care of children who were hospitalized. I then joined Bayside and found that I truly enjoyed taking care of families on a continuous basis. I feel that I have become an important member of the families that I treat and find it so rewarding watching these children grow and develop.

I feel that taking care of your children is a great and profound responsibility. I have three children of my own and they are infinitely precious to me, as yours are to you. As parents, you must entrust your child’s health to your pediatrician. I understand that and work hard to provide my patients the highest level of care and attention. They deserve no less.