bayside clinician profile

J.D. Maynard, MD

BA, Marshall College
MD, Marshall Medical School
Peds Residency, UC Davis
Board Certified, Pediatrics

Livermore Tracy

I grew up in Huntington, a small town in the southwestern corner of West Virginia. No jokes about West Virginia, please, but I did come from a large family: my father was one of fourteen children, and my mother was one of six. I myself am the oldest of only three children, but I figure I have about 40 cousins - no one is quite sure how many! Being raised in that atmosphere, surrounded by children and, since I was one of the older children, caring for many of them early and often, I came to see the world through their eyes. As I continued in college and then medical school, both right there in Huntington, I think it was that vision, seeing the world through the eyes of children, that led to my becoming a pediatrician.

West Virginia was great, but when it came time to do my residency in pediatrics, I headed west to U.C. Davis. I still feel nostalgic for West Virginia, but I knew a good thing when I found it, and after residency I moved immediately to Tracy, and then to Livermore in 1994. For six years I practiced happily in Tracy, but after a while the commute got to me, and I was thrilled to be able to transfer my practice location to the TriValley area at Bayside.

I really love pediatrics. I knew it was right for me when I started my residency, and although I wavered slightly and tried radiology for a while, that experience only convinced me more that pediatrics is the best career in the world (most of the time). I feel very fulfilled to have a continuous relationship with the children and families I take of. I think that it is important to figure out illnesses as they come up and to treat them properly - I try hard to be at the forefront of practice knowledge and techniques. I also take pride in trying to guide children and their families in healthy ways of living. And, perhaps an inheritance from my father who was a teacher when I was young, I particularly enjoy teaching patients about chronic illnesses such as asthma and diabetes. I hope that my conviction about the importance of pediatrics comes to benefit you and your family.

I also love to travel, I have fun with personal computers, and I like to read science fiction. If you share one of these interests, let me know. Interests like these are always the most fun when you talk about them with fellow enthusiasts!