bayside clinician profile

Monika B. Stevens, MD

MD, Vanderbilt School of Medicine
Peds Residency, Los Angeles County and USC
Board Certified, Pediatrics


Born in Fort Collins, Colorado, to two graduate students, I moved at the age of one with my parents to Covina, a smallish city in Southern California, where I grew up. I was the neighborhood babysitter, both popular and available, perhaps foreshadowing my later emergence as a pediatrician. I left Covina for college at UCLA, which started me as a traveling person, as were my parents before me.

At UCLA I tutored others in chemistry and biology and became supervisor of UCLA College Tutorials. I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Physiology. Before entering medical school, I worked as a substitute public school teacher and was a medical college admissions test instructor. I used my earnings to fund a backpacking trip through Europe, several camping trips around the U.S., and to buy my first car and computer to take with me to Nashville, Tennessee, where I attended Vanderbilt School of Medicine.

I enjoyed studying medicine at Vanderbilt, as well as running, biking, listening to Nashville’s live music, and continuing to teach medical college admissions classes. It was there that I realized that I could meld my love for children, science, and teaching into one fulfilling career as a pediatrician. I also did medical rotations in the middle of the dense Costa Rican jungle and in breathtakingly beautiful Sydney, Australia. Josh, now my husband, visited me often in Nashville and together we took trips to many areas of the world.

I did my pediatric residency at Los Angeles County Hospital + University of Southern California Medical Center. I enjoyed living in sunny Santa Monica with its pedestrian and biker friendly neighborhoods. More importantly, I loved my residency that provided me with fantastic teachers and mentors, an outstanding training, the opportunity to learn medical Spanish, and a profound appreciation for the inequalities that exist in our health care system.

Now, I am happy to have moved to the Bay Area, a region for which I have long held a deep appreciation. Since moving here my husband and I have welcomed our daughter into our family and we feel like we have found our permanent home. I am so pleased to have joined Bayside Medical Group, a practice that serves a true cross section of the East Bay. I am looking forward to dedicating many years of service to my new patients and to my new community.