bayside clinician profile

Tina Hong, MD

BA, UC Berkeley
MD, Hahnemann Medical College
Peds Residency, Children's Hospital, Los Angeles
Board Certified, Pediatrics


I am unusual among the Bayside Clinicians, because I actually grew up in the Bay-Area- In San Francisco. My family spoke Cantonese, so that was my first language, and English was officially my second language. But as I have gone on through school, English has become my dominant language, although I am still quite fluent in Chinese.

The first time I ventured away from home was to travel across the Bay to U.C. Berkeley for my undergraduate education. That was a baby step compared to my next stop, which was (almost mandatory for a Baysider) Philadelphia, where I attended medical school at Hahnemann Medical College. After my second very COLD and stormy winter, as well as my first hot and HUMID summer in Philly, I realized how I had taken for granted the temperate climate of California all these years. I yearned to return to the friendlier California shores. I was very lucky to obtain a residency in pediatrics at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles.

L.A. Children’s was a great place to learn to take care of very sick children, and I found that helping them to get better and watching them heal was very rewarding. But I was even happier when I had the opportunity to help young families with their babies by providing anticipatory guidance, and helping them get through what young families have to get through. In training I imagined these little babies growing into young adults and looking forward to their first prom, or going off to college.

Since joining Bayside in August 1999, I have acquired a husband and two boys. While my THREE boys keep me busy, everyday I come to work, I look forward to seeing my other CHILDREN within the Bayside family!