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Medical Information and Appointments

If you need something medical – advice, an appointment, asking about test results, etc. - please contact the office that you go to. See our “locations” tab on the home page. Calling on the phone usually works. You can also use the email address for the office.

NOTE: When you call us after hours, be sure to call the main office phone number (see Locations for the correct number). Only the main phone line at each office is forwarded to the after-hours voicemail / answering system.

General Information

If you have a question about our policies, or general questions of many sorts, call our Administrative Offices at 925-587-2500. These numbers access many of our administrative functions.

Billing Questions

For account inquiries please call (866) 633-0861

Please Mail payments and correspondance to:

LPCH Medical Group
P.O. Box 742039
Los Angeles, CA 90074-2039

Pay your bill online at Thank you

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We are an organization that tries to be human and not “corporate,” and we want to meet your needs.

Due to federal laws related to protected health information, please do not include patient identifying information such as names and dates of birth in emails to

Please do not contact us by email for any medical care questions, such as lab result requests, prescription refills, or questions about patient illness. Please call your regular Bayside office for all medical care issues.