Preparing For a Bayside Visit

Welcome to our visit preparation page. Here you'll find all the forms you'll need to fill out for your visit to our office. We want to give you unhurried time to read information and to fill out forms at home, making your visit speedier and more relaxed.

First visit our Becoming a Bayside Patient section here.

Birth to 2 Weeks: Well Baby Check: 0 - 2 weeks questionnaire

1 Month: Well Baby Check: 1 month questionnaire

2 Months: Well Baby Check: 2 month questionnaire

4 Months: Well Baby Check: 4 month questionnaire

6 Months: Well Baby Check: 6 month questionnaire

9 Months: Well Baby Check: 9 month questionnaire

12 Months: Well Baby Check: 12 month questionnaire

15 Months: Well Baby Check: 15 month questionnaire

18 Months: Well Baby Check: 18 month questionnaire

24 Months: Well Baby Check: 24month questionnaire

30 Months: Well Baby Check: 30 month questionnaire

3 Years: Well Child Check: 3 year questionnaire

4 Years: Well Child Check: 4 year questionnaire

5 Years: Well Child Check: 5 year questionnaire

6 Years: Well Child Check: 6 year questionnaire

7 Years: Well Child Check: 7 year questionnaire

8 Years: Well Child Check: 8 year questionnaire

9 - 11 Years: Well Child Check: 9 - 11 year questionnaire

12 - 17 Years: Well Child Check: 12 - 17 year questionnaire

18 - 21 Years: Well Adult Check: 18 - 21 year questionnaire

Asthma Visits:
If your child has asthma, and is coming for an asthma-related visit, or for a routine well-care checkup, please complete one of the following forms:
Asthma Control Test ages 4-11 (English)
Asthma Control Test ages 4-11 (Spanish)
Asthma Control Test ages 12+ (English)
Asthma Control Test ages 12+ (Spanish)